when you ask me, why I do what I do, this dubplate and moment comes to my mind, as it really had a major impact and was to become a major trigger on my journey in the sound system world – a big part of why the Lion’s Den Sound System exists so to say…
when Iration Steppas played this The Disciples dubplate on Blackboard Jungle Sound System at Rototom in 2011 the dance just went up in great furore and asked for rewind after rewind… so Mark – on the peak of his energy and in a good mood – of course didn’t disappoint the roaring crowd and it got like 4 or 5 pull ups, the intro resounding again and again in the big arena, with stacks all around, and the moment the riddim fully set in, feeling even heavier each time it came again… that night those words of the intro went deep into my head and never left again…

“yooo all people in the dance
it’s a sound system ting seen
people haffi know say
sound a fi reach first and leave last
during the weeks we a prepare
we a fix speakerbox
we a fix amplifier
we a make dub
we a buy dub
we a sell dub
people a bogle we fi guestlist
people a do certain tings and you know
sound is a hard life…”

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