In the 1990’s, Ras Kush re-entered the sound system world, playing vintage roots reggae & dubwise selections at NYC venues. He joined, and became the selector for a sound system called Roots Potential, formerly based in the island St. Vincent where it was known as Dread at the Control, with the elder founder “Love Man” Sano Judah. Judah, an active member of the Twelve Tribes, infused the sound with a strong spiritual influence. Later on, fast forward some years, the sound was joined by Ras Takashi and the name was changed to “Black Redemption; Sounds Of Praises”. Lloyd Barnes of the Wackies label, a longtime influence and music supplier, produced an album in 1998 featuring Ras Takashi on melodica and Ras Kush on percussions. The “Black Redemption Sound” featuring Ras Kush & Ras Takashi as Wackies official sound, toured Japan from September 1998 until March 1999 establishing The Wackies Far East Chapter. From 1999, Ras Kush began studio works in a serious way with focus on releasing and establishing “The Black Redemption Label “. In 2001, the first 7” release featuring the legendary Glen Brown, went into manufacturing and the following year it gained international distribution…

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