Mighty Massa & The Ska Revolutionaries – Breaking Down The Barrier [LIONSONGS005]

A1 – Breaking Down The Barrier
A2 – Breaking Down The Version
B – Breaking Down The Dubwise

music, mix & production by M. Nagai aka Mighty Massa
at Dub Creation Studio, Japan
artwork by Martin Engelbogen
mastered by Star Delta Mastering
All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2023 Lion’s Den

Chapter Five in the ‘Songs Of Uplifment’-series features none other than the Far East dub ruler Mighty Massa with a fresh 2023 recut of a very special musical offering out of his Dub Creation Studio in Japan.
The tune is entitled ‘Breaking Down The Barrier’ and comes inna heavy ska style. A melodious instrumental extravaganza by Massa and the ominous Ska Revolutionaries, to uplift mind and soul, a rhythm and groove that simply invite to dance and to get feet and arms moving.
A mix was released on the ‘Armagideon Time’-album on CD in 2006, but no dub nor version has ever seen the light of the day before. Now unearthed, recut and remixed, ready for the sound systems north, south, east and west…

Special mention to Dandelion Soundsystem who made me listen properly in the first place, running the tune in session a few years ago in a beautiful way, and sending me on a serious journey with it – forever grateful!
Been running it hard since that discovery, and it has created a many special moments on the road, one highlight definitely being at Dub Camp 2022 when it caused quite a furore in the sound meeting arena and left a number of sound(wo)man wondering. So after all it just felt right to give this slightly hidden gem the full light it deserves.
Give thanks to Ras Kush for facilitating the link to Japan and immediate full support to make it happen!