Ras Lion – Step it up, cyaan stop dub… inna soundsystem stylee – mixtape

haffi step it up!!
cyaan stop dub!
the music haffi play,
righteous vibez a come yur way!

1. Rootsman – Fittest Of The Fittest
2. Earthikal Towa Sound System feat. Natty Jack – Prime Minister
3. Rockdis All Stars feat. Irie Souljah – Fight Against The Wicked
4. Rockdis All Stars feat. Don Fe – Consider The Raven
5. Forward Fever feat. Danny Red – Rasta We Rasta
6. Moa Anbessa feat. Prince David – Watch Dem
7. Ironworks Dread – Heartical
8. RDH Hi-Fi – Hiboo
9. Variedub feat. Dixie Peach – Pressure
10. Vibronics feat. Michael Prophet – Searching For Jah
11. Russ Disciple feat. Mikey Melody – Run Come Rally
12. OBF feat. Kenny Knots – United We Stand
13. Dub Movement feat. Afrikan Simba – More Unity
14. King Alpha feat. Sista Beloved – Rise
15. Roots Raid feat. Shanti D – Beware (MDC Remix)
16. Violinbwoy feat. Echo Ranks – Don’t Kill Your Brother (Bredrin Records Remix) (forthcoming Lion’s Den_pre)
17. Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever feat. Danman – Righteous Man
18. Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever – Righteous Dub
19. OBF feat. Nello B – Keep The Fire Burnin’
20. Dennis Rootical feat. Micah Shemaiah – Fire Burning
21. Dennis Rootical & King Simeon – Fire Dub