Skankin’ dread – mixtape *steppas vol. 7*


Ras Lion - Skankin' dread… inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape a next chapter in the mixtape series to make you rock and skank… 1. Jah Warrior ft. Lutan Fyah - Rebellious (Whodemsound) 2. Conscious Sounds ft. Tenna Star - Rebel Music (Indica Dubs) 3. Mafia & Fluxy ft. Kali Green - Skanking Dread [...]

Stepping mood – mixtape *steppas vol. 6*


Ras Lion - Stepping mood… inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape here comes a brand new mixtape in a steppas mood… some music for upliftment for you and you and you, too… 01. Messenger Douglas - Sufferer’s Tea (KLA) 02. Kibir La Amlak - Dangerous Lee’s Dub (KLA) 03. Ashanti Selah meets Kibir La [...]

Step-by-step – mixtape *steppas vol. 5*


Ras Lion - Step-by-step… inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape here comes a brand new mixtape on the steppas tip… music for upliftment… play it loud, turn up the sub and get those skanking moves out… p.s.: and don’t forget to support yur local sound system and/or record label !! 01. Aketi Ray - [...]

1-2-3-4 STEPPING!!! – mixtape *steppas vol. 4*


Ras Lion - 1-2-3-4 STEPPING!!! inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape here comes another brand new mixtape outta di Den… in anticipation of lotta things happening in the next months… some sweet sessions and touring, as well as a number of releases ahead… pure skanking times on this one… stepping foooorward! 01. The Dub [...]

Step it up, cyaan stop dub – mixtape *steppas vol. 3*


Ras Lion - Step it up, cyaan stop dub… inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape haffi step it up!! cyaan stop dub! the music haffi play, righteous vibez a come yur way! 1. Rootsman - Fittest Of The Fittest 2. Earthikal Towa Sound System feat. Natty Jack - Prime Minister 3. Rockdis All Stars [...]

Still stepping forward – mixtape *steppas vol. 2*


Ras Lion - Still stepping forward… inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape still stepping forward inna disya time music pon di speakers, di selection play so fine word sound and power a come so strong people start skank, join and sing along play it pon the street, I n I know where it belong [...]

Stepping inna babylon – mixtape *steppas vol. 1*


Ras Lion - Stepping inna Babylon... inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape musical upliftment fi di people dem… haffi stay strong inna babylon… Straight outta di Lion’s Den
 Stepping forward from one to ten I-man hear di lions dem roar – haffi wail again… 1. Sankara Warriors meet Hornsman Coyote - Brimstone And Fire [...]

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