Massive Dub Corporation (MDC) feat. Queen Omega – Real Lioness [LIONSCHOICE001] – mixed and dubbed by Anti-Bypass

A1 – MDC feat. Queen Omega – Real Lioness (Anti-Bypass Vocal Mix)
A2 – Part 4/5 (Anti-Bypass Dub)
B1 – Part 3/2 (Anti-Bypass Dub)

produced by A. Lancereau (keys), T. Boyer (guitar), J. Guilloux (trombone), B. Villemont (saxophone) & B. Berthier (bass) aka Massive Dub Corporation (MDC)
mixed by E. Falticska aka Anti-Bypass @ 25th Toy Studio, Lyon [FR] (except B2)
lyrics & voice by J. Osbourne aka Queen Omega
artwork by
mastered by Star Delta Mastering
All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2016 Lion’s Den

“Real Lioness” power come fi yu and yu and yu…

After some many months of work and many different paths – from version over version over version… – this unique outernational collaboration finally bears its fruits and is ready fi one and all…
A heavy stepping riddim by Massive Dub Corporation (MDC) from Bourges, France, was given to Queen Omega from Port of Spain, Trinidad, for voicing. What came out is a chant full of energy inna conscious anthem style.
Inspired by the name of the label, the “Real Lioness” stepped into the recording booth to unleash her fyah and let everybody know about the ancient story and concept of the Lion’s Den – not having lost any truth since then, relevant as ever in those modern days in babylon society. About always moving forward, despite the daily struggle, daily strive and fight, across any kind of barrier – believing in one’s own mission, having faith and strength to spread a positive message. Queen Omega chants with strong dedication and will to fight for a better place.
Her vocal inspired MDC to rework the riddim as a live band and with live instrumentation and give it a little more rootsy touch. This version was then given to the dub and fx mastermind Anti-Bypass from Lyon, France, to take it into his 25th Toy Studio laboratory and run it through a crazy universe of custom modified machines in order to come up with a series of heavily dubbed out wet mixes, full of lovely effects and a lot of ‘anti-bypass’.
But the journey didn’t stop there and MDC went back on a ruff sound system style re-remix of their own tune to make you rock and skank…

So better drop the needle and let the disc take you on a journey… from Germany to France to Trinidad and beyond…

Both sides were transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK – of course also digikally available.