Mystical Powa ft. Idren Natural / Benjammin / PiyaZawa – Hold A Gathering Riddim [LIONSCHOICE010]

A1 – Idren Natural – What A Strength
A2 – Benjammin – Come Together And Reason
A3 – PiyaZawa – Flute Reasoning

B1 – Mystical Powa meets Petah Sunday – Gathering Dub
B2 – Mystical Powa meets Petah Sunday – Come Together And Dub
B3 – Mystical Powa meets Petah Sunday – Dub Reasoning

music by Mystical Powa
mix & dubs by Petah Sunday
vocals & lyrics by Idren Natural (A1), Benjammin (A2)
flutes by PiyaZawa (A3)
artwork by Juli Jupter
mastered by Star Delta Mastering
All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2024 Lion’s Den

Livicated to the humble lion Idren Natural. A big inspiration to many, gathering and connecting people in the true sense of the words. Bless him!

This project started a good while ago with a fresh riddim which Mystical Powa had composed for the Idren Natural vocal ‘What A Strength’ aka ‘Hold A Gathering’. A beautiful piece of word sound and message. This new version sparked the idea to make a release out of it, including new recordings by Benjammin with ‘Come Together And Reason’ and PiyaZawa on ‘Flute Reasoning’, both specifically done for the occasion. All multitracks were then given to Petah Sunday to go through his mixing and dubbing treatment in the I-tal Soup Studio. Approved in session, those three tunes are now ready on 12inch vinyl for sound systems near and far! Including several dub cuts! Let those words and those melodies resonate with ones and ones around you!