Pensi meets Dub Me Ruff – Generation Of Change [LIONS90001]

A1 – Pensi meets Dub Me Ruff – Generation Of Change
A2 – Dub Me Ruff System – Generation Of Dub

B1 – Dub Me Ruff System – Dubbing For A Change
B2 – Dub Me Ruff System – Next Generation Dub

recorded at Sound Navigator Studio Hamburg, 1995
vocals & lyrics by Mattias Penselin
mix, dubs & backing vocals by Danielle ‘Yell’ Mommertz
guitar & bass by Markus Grapmayer
keys by Rolf Saggau
drums by Jan Röper
artwork by Martin Engelbogen
mastered by Star Delta Mastering
All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2024 Lion’s Den

Here comes a special tribute to Hamburg’s dub and sound system history of the 90s – an important chapter for dub and reggae music in Germany on a whole. One of the local veterans, Pensi, also known as the man behind Ire Hi-Fi, meets Dub Me Ruff at the Sound Navigator Studio. An unearthed gem from that era entitled ‘Generation Of Change’.
The infamous ‘Dub Me Ruff System’-dubplate-mixtape from the 90s, which was run heavily on cassette by fans and collectors alike, featured a vocal cut and one dub. This and some dances at the time were the only way one could hear the tune. We just had to get in touch with Pensi directly, and carefully inquire if there could be a chance to release it after all those years properly. To our joy he was excited about the project and went back into his archive and found the original DAT-tapes and some lost mixes. We are honored to now present to you, transferred from those DATs at Soon Come Studio (a project run by Pensi and a collective of Hamburg producers nowadays) and freshly remastered and cut at Star Delta in the UK, this first ‘90s salute’ from 1995 on 12inch vinyl.
Vocal plus three wonderful dub excursions crafted by Danielle ‘Yell’ Mommertz, with her going heavier on the fx with each mix – from ‘gentle’ to ‘Iration style’.
The lyrics could not be more fitting today and seem to not have lost any relevance almost 30 years after they were written. A powerful message on an uncompromising roots riddim à la dub me ruff.